A SalonĀ is a place where you can try on any color of hair you want. You also get your eyebrows bleached and colored, and you can choose to use fake lashes or natural. But most importantly, you can have any color highlights you want to apply to your hair and makeup. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with a salon. But how safe are these treatments?


Professional salons and tattoo parlors have been offering all types of “Henna Kits” to locals for years to highlight their eyebrows, lips, and even hair naturally. Brow tinting and/or shaping services are offered by nearly every salon in cities large and small. Even the smallest “Henna Kit” is a huge step up from the home kit you might find at a local store. To say the least, most local salons and spas are selling the holy grail product in conjunction with traditional before and after pictures of the world famous before and after glamour.

But is this a miracle treatment? Not quite. While many people do experience beautiful brows and a change in their overall appearance, these usually are temporary and only last several weeks. In some cases, the change in color is only one side of the story. In the case of permanent hair coloring, the result lasts much longer, and many people have trouble keeping their beautiful brows without the aid of chemicals.

Some locals say the real secret to beautiful eyebrows is a visit to the right salon. Many women are hesitant about going into a tattoo parlor because they are afraid they will be getting a permanent tattoo, but that is not the case. Salons offer “Henna Kits” that can temporarily give an artist a magical glow from your natural eyebrows. Once you pay for the kit and leave with your shiny new eyebrows, there is really nothing left to do but show them off!

Local salons offer both “before and after” photo credit as well as natural hair tint options. The “before” photos are used as a launchpad to allow the artist to draw on your eyebrows, giving you the perfect look before they begin to work. Photo credit is often necessary to make sure the artist has no problem following the guidelines of any particular color tint. This can really help to ensure you do not end up with a color you are not happy with!

Some local salons offer both “Henna Kits” and “Before And After” services. Many women fear waxing is just too much hassle, but salons often offer alternatives that allow you to pamper yourself at home. Salons that offer both “Before And After” service are probably the most well rounded and professional salons available. These salons offer waxing alternatives for all brow type hair and provide the highest quality results possible. You can even ask your esthetician which she uses at her salon. She may have a special brand or two that would be perfect for your eyebrows.

Of course, you need to find the best eyebrow tinting salon to get the best results. Ask your friends for recommendations and take a look around online. There are many places to look – you just need to take the time to check out what’s out there. You might even find that you have some great ideas of your own to bring to your next salon visit!

A beauty salon can do more than just tint your eyebrows; many offer other services as well. A facial masque and waxing are also popular services. A facial masque can help remove unwanted hair from your face and neck. A waxing salon can provide makeup advice and detail how to apply the proper cosmetic product.